AICA Code of Conduct



WE WILL SERVE our customers with integrity, competence and objectivity

WE WILL FIRST SEEK TO UNDERSTAND our customer’s needs, to provide the most appropriate solution  

WE WILL PERFORM our work to meet technical codes and appropriate legislation

WE WILL DELIVER to our customer all that we promised


WE REGARD our employees’ satisfaction on par with customer service and our profitability

WE WILL provide broad training, assuring technical and customer service elements are well developed

WE WILL LISTEN to our staff openly, not prejudging their concerns and ideas


WE WILL PERFORM jobs for which we are qualified by our experience and technical competence

WE WILL NOT provide services under terms or conditions that might compromise our integrity

WE WILL NOT advertise our products or services in a deceptive manner

WE WILL ASSURE professionalism towards our community of suppliers, competitors and regulators


WE WILL BE GOOD corporate citizens

WE WILL PROTECT the health and safety of our communities by sharing our knowledge

WE WILL RESPECT everyone’s time: customers, colleagues and our community at large 

WE WILL SHARE our valuable resources with our community, especially those in need


WE WILL MONITOR our staff to assure that all are drug and alcohol free while on duty 

WE WILL ASSURE THAT all employees are appropriately screened and continually audited

WE WILL BE SMOKE FREE in or around customer’s residences, company property, and company vehicles

WE WILL OPENLY DISPLAY our staff badges and provide credentials when requested 

WE WILL RESPECT our customer’s, suppliers and staff privacy requirements


WE WILL AGREE with our customers on scope, schedule and cost before performing work

WE WILL MAINTAIN a profitable business to provide stability to our employees and families

WE WILL BE MINDFUL to operate in a manner that renders ethical profit

We are committed to this Code of Conduct, which has been adopted from the Nexstar Network and enhanced to meet our unique environment. 

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Alberta Indoor Clean Air

215 – 41 Ave NE Calgary, AB


Store & Office Hours

Field services calls appointments generally book:

  • Weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00pm
  • Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

We also provide 24 hour support:

  • Urgent - within 8 hours
  • Emergent - within 4 hours
  • Emergency - within 2 hours

We strive to accommodate Client's constraints, including appointments outside of core operating hours.