Humidity Control

Are you comfortable? It may be your humidity levels.

Air that is too dry can act like a giant sponge, soaking moisture up from everything that it touches in your home — your woodwork, wood floors and furnishings — and you.

Dry air can cause dry, sore throats, frequent colds, not to mention dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips, dry nasal passages and static electricity.

If your home’s moisture level needs to be managed, the friendly experts at Alberta Indoor Clean Air can recommend the right equipment for your needs and your budget.


Without proper humidity, rest can be anything but pleasant.  Dry skin, scratchy throats and painful coughs are the norm in many homes, especially during long winters. Our flow-thru humidifiers maintain your home's optimum humidity, which in turn maintains your body's comfort and health. A properly humidified environment also helps protect your furniture, woodwork and plants. The forced air central humidification system is engineered to accommodate lower furnace temperatures and shorter blower cycles. The system uses the forced air evaporative principle to deliver high humidification output.

Flow-thru humidifiers are exceptionally popular, primarily because they require almost no cleaning or maintenance. Households that have hard water should certainly opt for this model. As hard water is laden with minerals that can build up over time.


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